Why Wrap Your Car vs Paint?

Why Wrap Your Car vs Paint?

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31Jul, 2018
Why Wrap Your Car vs Paint?

Why Wrap Your Car vs Paint?

For years, business made a change in the look of their vehicles by painting the automobile a new color. There are numerous reasons to wrap your car rather than paint it a new color. One big reason is the fact that new paint job can run anywhere from $3000-$10,000 while a vehicle wrap is only $2500-$5000. In addition, any damage to the paint on a car will likely result in the entire vehicle needing to be painted again so the color will match all the way around the car. Any scratches or damage to a vehicle wrap can be solved by the panel of the wrap that was damaged being replaced rather than having to place an new wrap on the entire vehicle. It’s easy to see why car wraps are better than painting your vehicle. See what our wide format printing services can do for you.

Vehicle Wrap Advantages Over Paint

Installing a vehicle wrap offers many advantages over painting:

  • Vehicle wraps maintain resale value – Maintaining the original paint on a vehicle helps keep the resale value of the car intact over a second paint job. Wrap your car to protect the original paint job from damage on the road including rocks and weather related issues.
  • Multiple options with vehicle wraps – When buying a car, it is not always possible to get the color you want. Vinyl wraps come in countless color and design options to create the vehicle of your dreams. Design a one of a kind vehicle wrap that matches the personality of your company.
  • Vehicle wrapping is quicker than painting – The average wait time for a paint job on a vehicle can be 2 weeks or longer. A vehicle wrap can be placed in as little as 3-5 days! Don’t be without your mobile advertising force for 2 weeks. Choose a wrap!


Large Format Printing Services

Large format printing services are often used to create promotional materials for a business. Your company vehicle counts as a promotional tool because it is seen by thousands of people each week on the road. While online advertisements work for some businesses, they often get lost in the amount of online information people view on a daily basis. Large format printing on a vehicle wrap stands out from the crowd because of its size and eye-catching design. Take advantage of the wide audience available on a daily basis on the road. Wide format printers can print your logo and business info at a larger size to capture the attention of both new and existing customers viewing your vehicle.

If you are ready to utilize our large format printing services to wrap your car, give us a call to start the process today!

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