Large Format Printing FAQs

Large Format Printing FAQs

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15Nov, 2019
Large Format Printing FAQs

Large Format Printing FAQs

Large format printing is a BIG printing technique that uses specialized printers to create a variety of printed materials such as banners, posters, vehicle wraps, building wraps and other print projects that require oversized results. In addition, wide-format printing can use almost any material to manufacture printed results including wood, metal, glass, vinyl, mesh and more. The results of large scale printing are long-lasting thanks to a durable print that can be made to endure any type of weather conditions. In addition to the various materials that can be used for wide-format printing projects, large format printing is able to create large custom made materials of various sizes in order to best fit your printing needs while still creating a finished product that makes a dynamic first impression on consumers.

Large & Wide Format Printing Answers To Your Questions

Some of the most popular questions about Large format printing include:

  • What is the speed of a wide format printer?
    Large scale printing offers print speeds that are not capable of being produced by a desktop printer. The average wide format printer can produce up to 15 posters in one hour.
  • Can large format printers easily tell the difference between text and graphics?
    Large format printing is able to accurately distinguish between text and images in a document when creating high quality printed documents. This makes it easier to avoid any printing mistakes when it comes to the finished product.
  • Can you really print on anything?
    As mentioned above, wide format printing can print on almost any material. Because you are not confined to simply printing on paper, large format printing allows you the freedom and flexibility to create custom made printed materials that get attention and brand your business.

Large Scale Printing For BIG Results

Large scale printing delivers BIG results for your business. Large scale printing lets you use high-quality images to create engaging and eye-catching materials that market your business in retail stores, at trade shows and outdoor events and even on wall murals at your office. Wide-format printing helps to increase sales, drive brand awareness and enhance the overall visibility of your products and services while also spotlighting the items you want to promote to your customers. If you are looking for BIG results that make you top of mind to consumers, large scale printing will deliver the results you desire.

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