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How will your company benefit from having its fleet wrapped?

How will your company benefit from having its fleet wrapped?

Drivers keep their eyes on the road so they don’t always see billboards for products or services. They do notice vehicles with fleet wraps that share the road with them. A survey showed that 96% of those surveyed said mobile advertising is more effective than traditional billboards. Plus, 97% of those surveyed could recall specific ads they viewed on vehicles. Fleet wraps make your business top of mind to customers thanks to the branding power of vehicle wrap advertising.


Advertising Benefits of Fleet Wraps

Here are just a few of the benefits generated by fleet wraps:


  • One vehicle with fleet graphics can generate up to 16-million visual impressions in a year.
  • Unlike traditional billboards, fleet wraps can travel to multiple locations each day to increase the number of impressions it receives.
  • A fleet wrap is a 24/7 branding opportunity. Your business is being marketed while you are on the road and while you are parked at your business thanks to the marketing power of the custom made colorful graphics of the fleet wrap.

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