What Are Environmental Graphics?

What Are Environmental Graphics?

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30Dec, 2019
What Are Environmental Graphics?

What Are Environmental Graphics?

The phrase “environmental graphics” is used a lot when discussing graphic designs for businesses. Even though it is a commonly used phrase, many people still ask…What is environmental graphics??? Environmental graphic designs are graphics that work to integrate a story with a building or existing environment around them to create an experience that conveys a specific message or feeling. Much like snowflakes, no two environmental graphics are alike and this means the message and experience shared by environmental graphic designs vary in how they interact with a space as well as the way they inform and inspire those that are viewing the graphics.

Types Of Environmental Graphic Designs

Popular types of environmental graphic designs include:

  • Wayfinding systems are systems in places like offices, hospitals and parking garages that help people find their way AKA spatial problem-solving. These systems inform the person in the environment about their current location as well as how to find their desired location.
  • Exhibition designs deliver information by telling a story through graphic design, architecture, technology and interactive design.
  • Interactive experiences focus on engagement with the user with a physical space such as points within a room that educate and prompt users to interact with the physical point.
  • Public installations are free viewing experiences that are a marketing opportunity as well as an educational experience for the viewer.
  • Placemaking and identity graphic design show viewers where they are currently located and use color, pattern, typography and motion to help them navigate the space.

Environmental Poster Printing To Inform, Educate & Delight

Environmental poster printing is used to inform the public about the area or space they are currently occupying. The environmental graphics can contain logos, symbols or text to educate the public while also making them happy and/or excited and delighted to be in their current location. Environmental poster printing tells a story and delivers information that shares the history or background of the area while also providing the current information that viewers of the environmental poster printing materials need in order to navigate their way around the current location or to reach their next destination.

Now that you know the answer to the question, “what is environmental graphics”, contact us today about putting environmental graphic designs to work for you.

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