Can Vehicle Wraps Be Repaired After An Accident?

Can Vehicle Wraps Be Repaired After An Accident?

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29Nov, 2019
Can Vehicle Wraps Be Repaired After An Accident?

Can Vehicle Wraps Be Repaired After An Accident?

It is an unfortunate fact of life that your company vehicle will likely be involved in an accident at some point in the future. Even if the vehicle has a car wrap, it can still be repaired after the accident. The severity of the damage to vinyl vehicle wraps determines how much work it will take to repair the car wrap. Because vehicle wraps are printed and installed in panels, it is easy to reprint the damaged panel and install it again after the vehicle repairs have been performed. It is also important to take the age of the graphics into account because exposure to the sun might have caused some of the colors to fade. If so, the vehicle wrap company will need to color correct the original file to match the new wrap.

How Do They Repair Vinyl Vehicle Wraps?

Take a look at the BIG steps below to see how professionals repair vinyl vehicle wraps:

  • The first step is to clean the damaged area using a mix of soap and water to remove any wax, debris or grease before performing any repairs.
  • While the damaged area is wet, a sanding block with wet sandpaper should be used to remove the damaged car wrap sections. Once the car wrap is removed from the vehicle, clean the area again to remove any debris that got on the vehicle during the removal process.
  • Depending on the extent of the damages, a vinyl patch can be used to cover small damages while larger damages will require the entire panel to be printed and installed again.

Leave Car Wrap Repair To The Professionals

While it might be tempting to perform any repairs on your own, leave car wrap repair to the professionals. Besides repairing any areas with damaged vehicle wraps, the damaged vehicle might need to be repainted and repaired to make it look new again. If the vehicle needs to be repainted, you will need to wait until the paint is cured. The paint below the surface needs time to harden and bond to the vehicle before vinyl vehicle wraps can be repaired. If you attempt a car wrap repair on your own, you might cause more damage that will then need to be repaired by a professional.

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