How Do You Measure Vehicle Wrap Impressions?

How Do You Measure Vehicle Wrap Impressions?

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29Oct, 2019
How Do You Measure Vehicle Wrap Impressions?

How Do You Measure Vehicle Wrap Impressions?

A vehicle wrap is a mobile marketing method that allows businesses to get 24/7 exposure by being exposed to other consumers on the road. A car wrap is seen by thousands of people per week which makes fleet wraps an ideal way to reach a large audience. Measuring vehicle wrap impressions falls under the basic measurement of audience size which is also known as “exposure”. While many people assume that a large audience for a car wrap automatically means that a large number of consumers viewed the fleet wraps of a company, out-of-home impressions are simply ad exposure as opposed to more traditional forms of advertising that involve viewing or listening to commercials and interacting with them by pressing a button.

Measuring Car Wrap Data

Measuring car wrap data involves the following steps:

  • Site-centric measures start with the outdoor display location and a count of passing consumers. Consumer-centric measures begin with a sample of people and a count of the outdoor displays they pass. This translates into “daily circulation” AKA the basis for media sales. However, these data methods give little information about the actual viewers of fleet wraps.
  • Billboard advertising audiences are also measured through driver surveys. A sample of drivers will be asked about the routes they travel (as shown on a map). A transparent overlay is placed on top of each map to reveal a vehicle wrap that was passed by the driver. Arbitron and Nielsen Media Research are working on tracking the patterns of selected individuals to provide information such as age, gender and driving patterns of consumers that view a car wrap.

Easy Ways To Measure ROI On Your Fleet Wraps

Beyond the statistics listed above, here is an easy way to measure fleet wraps ROI:

  • Alternate Landing Page – Use a unique landing page URL and promote that URL on the vehicle wrap. Use web analytics to track traffic and behaviors on the site that is only promoted on the car wrap.
  • Alternate Phone Number – Much like the landing page discussed above, this phone number is only advertised on your fleet wraps. By getting a second phone line for your business, you will be able to measure the phone calls generated by the visual impressions made on your target audience.
  • Run a Promotion – Measure the effectiveness of the fleet wraps by including a promotion in its design. Examples include some sort of free service or a percentage off of your services when the consumer gives you a certain promotion code from the design.

Measuring vehicle wrap impressions gives your company an accurate idea about the effectiveness of your fleet wraps. Call us about creating a car wrap that generates impressions for your business.

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