What Are Some Backlit Fabric Printing Options?

What Are Some Backlit Fabric Printing Options?

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16Dec, 2019
What Are Some Backlit Fabric Printing Options?

What Are Some Backlit Fabric Printing Options?

In the simplest terms possible, backlit graphics printing is the printing of any graphics that can be lit from behind. When it comes time to produce backlit displays, there are multiple backlit fabric printing options:

  • Backlit paper is designed for short-term backlit displays such as bus shelters and mall displays.
  • Litho-Printable Polyester/Mylar creates durable backlit through the use of UV-curable ink. The most popular backlit fabric printing options for this technique include theater backdrops, roll-up displays and snap frames that are changed out quickly.
  • Backlit banner material is not regular scrim material. A weave is produced that is almost invisible when backlit and is ideal for banners that need to be large with no seams. Examples of this backlit graphics printing include music concert backdrops and backlit banners in airports.
  • Fabrics for backlit displays are easy to install because they are lightweight. In addition, eye-catching colors can be added using a dye-sub process in this backlit fabric printing option.
  • Adhesive-backed vinyl backlit film is clear and translucent calendered films that have either a permanent or removable adhesive.

Benefits Of Backlit Displays

Some of the benefits of using backlit displays include:

  • Ease of reading or viewing the display from a distance
  • The durability of the display can be short-term or long-term depending on your backlit graphics printing needs
  • Attention-grabbing aesthetic that can be displayed indoors or outdoors
  • Wide variety of uses including trade show displays, point-of-purchase (POP) displays, menu boards, broadcast TV sets and storefront displays
  • A variety of substrates can be used to produce the desired results including paper and backlit fabric printing
  • Eye-catching vibrant colors and definition

Backlit Graphics Printing: When You Want To Get Noticed

Backlit graphics printing is an ideal graphics display option when you want to get noticed by the public. Backlit displays are made to be viewed just as easily during nighttime hours as they are during the day. Because they are lit from behind, backlit graphics add a level of visual interest to an otherwise static advertising display thanks to the additional depth of color that comes from being lit from behind. Backlit graphics printing gets you noticed and brands your business through the repeat viewing of the backlit displays by the public.

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