What Shouldn’t Be Wrapped On Vehicle Wraps

What Shouldn’t Be Wrapped On Vehicle Wraps

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31Jul, 2019
What Shouldn’t Be Wrapped On Vehicle Wraps

What Shouldn’t Be Wrapped On Vehicle Wraps

The main purpose of vehicle wraps is to brand a business and let consumers know about its products and services. Since car wraps are a mobile advertising tool, the vinyl car wrap should be designed so it is easy to understand from a distance as well as close up if other drivers are near fleet vehicles with professionally designed and installed vehicle wraps. There should not be too much text or graphics on car wraps because they can look too busy and drivers will have a hard time processing the information while also keeping their eyes on the road. A vinyl car wrap needs to walk the fine line between being eye-catching and informative while not being so distracting that the marketing message is not easily understood.

When Car Wraps Will Not Work

When getting a vinyl car wrap installed, there are certain conditions of cars where it will not work. Here are some circumstances:

  • Don’t wrap vehicle wraps on cars that have paint that is peeling. Have the areas of the car that are chipping or peeling “feathered” or sanded down so the peeling parts are eliminated and a smooth installation is easier to achieve.
  • Simply put, car wraps will not stick to rust. Do not try and install vehicle wraps on a rusty surface because the bubble-free adhesives will not bond to the vehicle.
  • A vinyl car wrap will not hide any defects in the paint such as chips, gashes and scratches. In fact, these defects in the body of the car will only be magnified after the vinyl car wrap is installed. In addition, removing the vinyl can sometimes cause the paint surrounding the damaged area to come off with the vinyl.

Professional Vinyl Car Wrap Experts

If you are not sure what is not supposed to be wrapped with vehicle wraps, schedule a consultation appointment with professional vinyl car wrap experts. They can examine the vehicle in question and determine if it is a viable option for vehicle wraps. Car wraps are available in half wraps and full wraps so some scratches and flaking paint might not disqualify the vehicle from being an ideal candidate for a vinyl car wrap. The professional vinyl car wrap experts will walk you through the process of designing and installing car wraps while also explaining the BIG branding benefits of vehicle wraps for businesses of all sizes.

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