What Is A Vehicle Wrap?

What Is A Vehicle Wrap?

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30Aug, 2019
What Is A Vehicle Wrap?

What Is A Vehicle Wrap?

While vehicle wraps continue to grow in popularity, not everyone is familiar with the benefits of using one to promote a business. This leads many people to ask the question:

What is a vehicle wrap?

In general, a vehicle wrap is a branding technique used for advertising and marketing purposes by a business. Car wraps are characterized by branding information featured in its design. Vinyl wraps contain eye-catching graphics as well as text that can feature a logo and even business information such as a tagline, slogan or social media platform info. Car wraps are a thin, malleable, adhesive vinyl that is placed over the existing paint job of the vehicle. Vinyl wraps are carefully placed to avoid covering areas such as the windows, door handles, and panel gaps so the vehicle wrap looks like one smooth marketing technique. Businesses interested in having a vehicle wrap placed on their fleet vehicles need to find an experienced design and installation team that knows the answer to “what is a vehicle wrap” while also knowing the branding benefits of car wraps.

What Are The Car Wrap Benefits?

Car wraps offer multiple benefits to a business:

  • Vinyl wraps are a 24/7 marketing method that promotes a business when the car wraps are on the road as well as when the fleet vehicles are in the business parking lot
  • Car wraps can be displayed in multiple locations on a daily basis thanks to the ability to drive the fleet vehicles to multiple locations throughout the city (unlike traditional billboards that are stationary)
  • A vehicle wrap gives a business an air of authority as car wraps tell customers that a company wants to earn their business through the repetition of viewing the eye-catching graphics and informative text

Why Are High-Quality Vinyl Wraps Are Important?

High-quality vinyl wraps are important because, as mentioned above, they give businesses the impression of being an authority in their line of work. Vinyl wraps brand a business through repeat viewings by other drivers on the road along with consumers that view the car wraps at events and even through a vehicle wrap that is parked for the night in the parking lot of the business. High-quality vinyl wraps deliver contact info and other marketing messages the business wants to share with the public thanks to memorable eye-catching graphics and easy to understand text that make a lasting impression on consumers.

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