Vinyl Vehicle Wraps: Will The Vehicle Color Show Through?

Vinyl Vehicle Wraps: Will The Vehicle Color Show Through?

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14Sep, 2018
Vinyl Wraps: Will The Vehicle Color Show Through?

Vinyl Vehicle Wraps: Will The Vehicle Color Show Through?

Vinyl vehicle wraps transform a vehicle, or a fleet of vehicles, into a 24/7 advertising campaign. Automotive wraps add eye-catching graphics to capture the attention of customers. The wrap can be designed and created by a vehicle wrap printing service using any color, or combination of colors, so your message is not impacted by another color bleeding through from underneath the new wrap. This is often a concern of companies that have never used vinyl wraps to advertise their business. Print It Big can provide a full color change to your vehicles while ensuring that the original color will not be visible to others on the road. Check out some of our automotive wraps that we completed with our wide format printing services.

Automotive Wraps In Colored Or Custom Printed Colors

An automotive wrap can be created in any color. Here are some tips when choosing a color for your vinyl wrap.

  • Automotive wraps transform the vehicle’s appearance. A good quality vinyl wrap will completely hide the original/underlying color of your vehicle and transform its appearance. All of the underlying color will be covered on the surfaces that are wrapped.
  • Wide variety of wrap finishes and effects. It is important to use the right materials and this includes vehicle vinyl material that is opaque in nature. This material blocks the color under the wrap from showing through the wrap. An experienced vehicle wrap printing service will give you choices that include a wide variety of finishes and effects.
  • Custom wrap colors. While most vinyl wraps involve more than a simple color change, the graphics and lettering on the wrap can also be designed using custom colors. As mentioned above, the original color will not show through the letters and graphics on the wrap.

Vehicle Wrap Printing Service

The first step in the vehicle wrap printing process is scheduling a consultation appointment with an experienced design and installation team. Automotive wraps might seem easy to produce but it takes an expert touch to execute it properly, If they are not installed properly, vinyl wraps can show the original paint underneath them and also damage the original paint when the wrap is removed from the vehicle. An experienced staff knows the proper steps in creating an automotive wrap that is not too busy with graphics and text that is too hard for other drivers on the road to process. Make sure the team you trust with your fleet vehicles knows the industry standards that produce a quality automotive wrap.

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