Vehicle Wraps For Business: Tips On What You Need To Know

Vehicle Wraps For Business: Tips On What You Need To Know

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16Mar, 2018

Vehicle Wraps For Business: Tips On What You Need To Know

Vehicle wraps for businesses are a versatile way to get your branding message across to customers. Unlike signs and banners that remain fixed in one location, vehicle vinyl wraps get your message across in multiple areas thanks to the fact that they are essentially “mobile billboards”. You can send your vehicles, outfitted with vehicle wraps graphics designed and wrap printed by Print It Big, out in rush hour traffic, in the area where your business is located and even on a “lunch run”. While your fleet is on the road, thousands of consumers will see your message. Custom vehicle wraps give you the chance to reach an audience you would otherwise miss if they don’t drive past your place of business to view any signs or banners mounted at your store.

Why Fleet Wraps?

Here are three benefits of fleet wraps you might not have considered in the past:

    • Fleet Wraps Are Attention Grabbing– Brightly colored, and attractive fleet wraps, will make your vehicle fleet stand out on the road. Drivers will not pay much attention to a plain white van but they will notice a fleet wrap that is well-designed and easy on the eyes.


    • Non-Aggressive Form of Advertising Your Fleet – Unlike an ad on the radio that interrupts the music or talk show a person is listening to, custom fleet wraps get attention without disturbing consumers in their cars.


  • Targeted Advertising – Fleet wrap advertising is targeted advertising because you are advertising to the people in your area as well as any other areas where you send the vehicles.


Where Can I Get Car Wraps?

While there are multiple businesses that advertise car wrap services, the number one place to get car wraps in St. Louis is Print It Big! Our custom designed and printed car wraps make a BIG impact on consumers. We serve business big and small. From retail and restaurants to construction companies and franchises, the Print It Big team will turn your branding vision into a reality. Our design team listens to you and takes your ideas into account when creating a custom-made solution for your vehicle fleet. If car wraps are the next step in promoting your business, Print It Big has the experience you need to make a BIG impact. Print It Big is the leading St. Louis car wrapping service.

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