Vehicle Wrap Tips For A Successful Design

Vehicle Wrap Tips For A Successful Design

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30Sep, 2019
Vehicle Wrap Tips For A Successful Design

Vehicle Wrap Tips For A Successful Design

Car wraps get the attention of customers thanks to vehicle graphics that grab the eye and make them want to learn more about your business. Keep these tips in mind to successfully design a vehicle wrap:

  • Your brand is the main star of the vehicle wrap so be sure that the name of the business as well as the marketing tagline and contact info are prominently displayed on the car wrap design. Fleet advertising raises brand recognition about 15 times greater than other advertising methods so include this info.
  • The design of the vehicle wrap must match the goals of the business. The vehicle graphics help your business achieve its goals for vehicle advertisement which include marketing, sales and organization development. The design influences people viewing car wraps to perform the desired outcome. Make sure the vehicle graphics raise brand awareness or drive sales by creating customer foot traffic or offering an incentive to consumers.
  • The vehicle wrap design should be consistent with the other advertising channels used in your marketing strategy and this includes Internet, TV, radio and outdoor advertising.
  • The target audience should be kept in mind when designing the vehicle graphics. They must be designed from the point of view of the viewer and contain elements that make them want to learn more about the products and services of your business.

Car Wraps & Graphic Design Tips:

Keep these graphic design tips in mind when creating car wraps:

  • Car wraps need to be easy to understand as drivers only have a certain amount of time to view and process the vehicle graphics
  • A vehicle wrap needs to contain contact information so consumers will be able to call your business or easily find you on the Internet
  • Marketing a business with car wraps means including the advertising slogan or tagline in order to build brand awareness
  • The vehicle graphics reflect the mood or tone of the business so the design should accurately show what the business represents as well as its company culture

Vehicle Graphics & Wraps Should Get Your Brand Noticed

The purpose of vehicle graphics and car wraps is to get your brand noticed. A vehicle wrap is a mobile advertising opportunity for your company. Unlike a traditional billboard, car wraps allow you to gain exposure to multiple audiences each week thanks to the ability to drive the fleet vehicle to different locations each day. Make an impact on consumers and become top of mind to customers with eye-catching vehicle graphics that get noticed, and remembered, by consumers in traffic on a daily basis.

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