Vehicle Wrap Advertising Statistics Your Boss Wants To Know

Vehicle Wrap Advertising Statistics Your Boss Wants To Know

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31Aug, 2018
Vehicle Wrap Advertising Statistics Your Boss Wants To Know

Vehicle Wrap Advertising Statistics Your Boss Wants To Know

When it comes to vehicle wrap advertising statistics, the numbers do not lie!

  • Did you know 95% of American consumers absorb mobile marketing messages while driving? This means you have a BIG opportunity to reach other drivers and passengers on the road with your vehicle wraps.
  • Statistics show 30% of mobile outdoor viewers base their buying decisions on ads they see on advertising platforms such as fleet wraps.
  • Do you know the percentage of customers that say they visited a retail store within a week of seeing an outdoor ad such as a vehicle wrap? The answer is 29% which means outdoor advertising delivers immediate results.

Share these advertising statistics with your boss so your company can reap the benefits of vehicle wraps. Print It Big offers wide format printing services for vehicle wraps, check out a some of our work.

Vehicle Wraps Advantages In Advertising

Vehicle wraps offer a number of advertising advantages including:

  • 24/7 Advertising with vehicle wraps – Unlike radio and TV ads that only run at certain times, vehicle wraps work 24/7 to advertise businesses. Whether a fleet wrap is driving in traffic, or is parked for the night, they work all hours of the day to deliver your message.
  • Fleet wraps go where your customers are located – Fleet wraps are always on the go in different areas of town. You can attract customers in the area where your business is located or travel to events in order to expand your audience in other parts of the city.
  • Cost effective advertising – Once a vehicle wrap is placed, the message lasts for years without needing to be changed. Radio and TV ads have to be purchased on a regular basis and require new copy. Vehicle wraps provide years of advertising without the need to spend additional money.


Fleet Wraps For Brand Recognition & More

Fleet wraps and graphics build brand recognition on a daily basis. Vehicle wraps that have a memorable design attract attention and become top of mind to consumers. Once they become familiar with your brand, a positive association begins to build with your company. It’s estimated that 98% of Americans are in a vehicle at some point each week. They see your branding message on the side of a vehicle and start to develop a level of trust and view your company as a brand used by their friends and neighbors.

Once you show these statistics and facts to your boss, put vehicle wraps to work for your business by giving us a call at 314-432-2700.

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