How Hotel Wall Graphics Are Guides For Your Guests

How Hotel Wall Graphics Are Guides For Your Guests

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28Dec, 2018
How Hotel Wall Graphics Are Guides For Your Guests

How Hotel Wall Graphics Are Guides For Your Guests

When guests arrive at your hotel, they want the information they desire to be easy to find. Hotel wall graphics serve as a guide for your guests and help them navigate their way around the building. Hotel wall graphics alert guests to the benefits and amenities available during their stay and hotel graphics also provide information they need to know such as the location of the restaurant or bar, the business center hours and where the meeting rooms are located in the building. The benefits of hospitality signage for your hotel guests include a more relaxing stay for them and a feeling that you have their best interests in mind when it comes to making their stay as stress-free as possible. Read how hotel graphics are key in helping themed hotels book up fast.

Hospitality Signage Benefits Your Guests

Some of the most common hospitality signage benefits for guests include:

  • Hospitality signage allows guests to get information that is timely during their stay at the hotel. This can include updates about events at the hotel and information about specials and offerings available to guests throughout the day.
  • Relevant information for guests can be provided such as restaurant and bar menus and hours, fees for using the services at the hotel and guest check-in and check-out time.
  • Hotel wall graphics such as a map help guests navigate different sections of the building without having to ask hotel staff for directions. When placed near elevators and entrances, a map can lead visitors to revenue-generating areas of the hotel such as the spa or a restaurant.


Hotel Graphics Design, Printing & Installation

In order to attract the attention of customers, hotel graphics need to be expertly designed, printed and installed. Hospitality signage needs to include relevant information without being so crowded that guests cannot process the text and graphics. Plus, the hotel wall graphics have to be placed in areas where they can easily be viewed by all guests. Our experienced design and installation team will work with you to make sure the information you desire is delivered to your guests. In addition, the signs will be expertly installed and mounted so they will be long-lasting without any signs of wear and tear.

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