Hotel Lobby Graphics & Signage Are Critical To Your Guests

Hotel Lobby Graphics & Signage Are Critical To Your Guests

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14Dec, 2018
Hotel Lobby Graphics & Signage Are Critical To Your Guests

Hotel Lobby Graphics & Signage Are Critical To Your Guests

When guests check into a hotel, they instantly try to get their bearings and determine where they need to go. Hotel lobby graphics and signage are critical to the overall experience of hotel guests. Hotel interior signage provides critical visual clues to guests that help them navigate the building and find their room, their business meeting or other amenities they want to enjoy. Hotel graphics that have a clean design and don’t overload a person with too much information are good sources of information about such topics as the times to check-in or check-out of the hotel, where the business center is located and where guests can go to find food or drinks at the hotel restaurant or bar. Read more about environmental graphics along with experiential graphic design.

Hotel Interior Signage Benefits

Hotel interior signage provides a number of benefits for hotels including:

  • Hotel graphics brand a business by providing the hotel logo or slogan on each installed sign. The repetition of seeing these design elements will help keep you top of mind when guests are considering where to stay on a trip.
  • Hotel lobby graphics are a great way to provide in-house advertisements and promotional information. Every hotel guest will be in the lobby at some point which gives hotels the chance to promote items such as restaurant specials, business center services and upcoming events at the hotel
  • Hotel interior signage allows guests to get information they need at their own pace such as the location of their room or how to find the gym or pool without having to ask a hotel employee.


Professional Hotel Graphics & Signs Services

The key to effectively utilizing hotel interior signage is using professional hotel graphics and signs services to design and create the signage. Hotel lobby graphics must be designed so they are not too busy or hard to understand. They must also be installed in a professional manner where they will be in the line of sight of guests no matter where they are standing or sitting in the lobby. Our experienced design and installation team will consult with you to discuss your interior signage vision. They will then create the hotel graphics to your specifications and install them in the hotel lobby in areas that provide maximum impact with guests. Discover how hotel graphics are key to themed hotels booking up.

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