Hotel Graphics Convey Boutique Hotels Story

Hotel Graphics Convey Boutique Hotels Story

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15Feb, 2019
Hotel Graphics Convey Boutique Hotels Story

Hotel Graphics Convey Boutique Hotels Story

Hotel graphics brand businesses by conveying its story through visual cues provided by the unique graphic design elements of the hotel. Boutique hotel guests look for hospitality graphics to guide them to different parts of the hotel thanks to the incorporation of the overall design and feel of the hotel branding into the design of the graphics. A boutique hotel generally has between 10 and 100 rooms which means the smaller guest population expects a unique and personalized experience during their stay. Hotel graphics add that “special something” to the guest experience by standing out with their design as well as the information shared by them and the message they convey about the business and its relationship with guests.

Hotel Branding Starts With Unique Graphic Design Elements

There are a number of reasons hotel branding begins with unique graphic design elements:

  • Consistency – Even though a boutique hotel has unique graphic design, there needs to be a brand consistency to the hotel graphics that includes attention to detail for each element.
  • Have an honesty to the graphics – A boutique hotel must remain true to its mission to serve guests and make their stay an exceptional experience. Hospitality graphics tell guests what is provided during their stay and then delivers on that promise.
  • Appropriate language – There is a universal language to boutique hotels that must be used appropriately by the staff to properly market the property to others.

Hospitality Graphics Helps Brand Boutique Hotels

Hospitality graphics brand boutique hotels by showing guests what to expect when they stay at the business. The visual language of the signs guides people to various parts of the hotel where they can enjoy services provided by the staff as well as have their interest peaked to want to learn more about the history and story of the property. Graphic designs, that are planned and custom made by a hospitality graphics team, maintain the brand of the hotel while sharing it with others in order to make the property top of mind to guests looking for a place to stay during their next trip.

Share the story of your hotel with others through hotel graphics designed and created by our team.


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