Company Logos On Vehicles Build Brand Recognition

Company Logos On Vehicles Build Brand Recognition

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15Aug, 2018
Company Logos On Vehicles Build Brand Recognition

Company Logos On Vehicles Build Brand Recognition

One of the first steps your business should take when placing vehicle graphics is making sure your company logo is included. Eye-catching company logos on vehicles become the “face” of your brand to the public. Company logos on vehicles, created using large format printing services, build brand awareness and provide greater visibility for your business. Your logo helps differentiate you from other companies in your business sector and provides a brand recognition visual cue that serves as a reminder to consumers. In turn, customers that remember seeing your logo are likely to call you the next time they need a service provided by your industry. Check out some of our automotive wraps we did for brand management.

Vehicle Graphics Are Important In Developing Your Brand

Here are just a few of the reasons vehicle graphics are an important step in developing your brand:

  • Vehicle graphics, featuring a company logo, serve as free billboards for companies once they are placed on a company car. The logo provides free advertising whenever the vehicle is out on the road or parked in front of a business.
  • According to statistics from a recent study, vehicle wraps can generate anywhere between 30,000-70,000 impressions per day. That is a large sector of the population that is potentially looking to do business with you in the near future.
  • Customers like to do business with companies they are familiar with in their city. Branding your vehicle graphics with a company logo or other information connects you to your target market in various neighborhoods.


Large Format Printing Services

Large format printing services are designed to support a maximum print roll width. This means you have a bigger area to work with to create a greater visual impact thanks to the larger imagery and text options available with the larger space. The greater visual impact created by large format printing services reinforces your brand in the minds of the public and attracts more customers and additional dollars spent at your business. Large format printing provides high quality printing on a wide range of media, in both color and black and white, and this includes vehicle graphics such as company logos on vehicles.

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