Commercial Vehicle Wraps: The Design Mistakes You Can Avoid

Commercial Vehicle Wraps: The Design Mistakes You Can Avoid

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28Sep, 2018

Commercial Vehicle Wraps: The Design Mistakes You Can Avoid

Commercial vehicle wraps that are designed with the consumer in mind can distinguish you from your competition while also being viewed by thousands of potential customers each day. Company vehicles are the perfect place for your branding message to be viewed by so many commuters on a daily basis, it makes good business sense to take the time to ensure your automotive wrap design is nicely designed and easy to understand. However, not all businesses follow this advice. Designs that look too busy and attempt to give too much information at once are just a few of the common design mistakes made with commercial vehicle wraps. Check out some of the automotive wraps we designed, printed and installed for our clients.

Professional Automotive Wraps Will Avoid These Mistakes:

Automotive wraps that are professionally designed avoid these mistakes:

  • The vehicle wrap doesn’t properly fit the car – While a proper fit seems like an obvious design goal, an inexperienced design team can install vehicle graphics that are misaligned and covering areas like gas caps and door handles.
  • A poor font choice makes the vehicle wrap message illegible – The text on your vehicle wrap should be easy to read rather than stylish or pretty.
  • The wrap design is too small or too busy – A wrap design that is hard to read because it is tiny or “too much” is also too hard to read when a person is driving on an interstate or city street.
  • There is no call to action on your automotive wrap design – Don’t spend the money to advertise with automotive wraps if you don’t give people a reason to contact you.


Vehicle Wrap Design, Printing & Installation Services

Professional vehicle wrap design services can help you avoid all of the mistakes listed above. An experienced automotive wrap printing and installation team knows the finished product goes hand in hand with the design of fleet wraps. From listening to your ideas for the wrap design to creating and installing the finished product, scheduling a consultation appointment with a respected vehicle wrap design company can save you from having to remove, create and install the wrap again because the job was not done correctly the first time.

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