Architectural Signage Solutions Of Successful Hotels

Architectural Signage Solutions Of Successful Hotels

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28Feb, 2019
Architectural Signage Solutions Of Successful Hotels

Architectural Signage Solutions Of Successful Hotels

Hotels strive to strike the right balance between casually welcoming guests and providing information to them about the services and amenities offered by the business. Hotel signs that are informative and stylish are an important part of the architectural signage solutions that build a successful hotel. Environmental graphic design makes use of multiple design disciplines such as architectural, industrial and interior graphic design to create an experience that creates a connection between guests and the hotel. The key to success for a hotel is much more than good prices and comfortable beds. Successful hotels use hotel signs to make a good first impression on guests and transport them to a relaxing destination.

Top 5 Architectural Hotel Sign Solutions

Successful hotels use these five architectural signage solutions:

  • External brand signs – Exterior signage uses a variety of methods and graphic materials to convey a certain mood. Choose materials and designs that reflect the brand of the hotel.
  • Wayfinding signs – Interior and exterior hotel signs welcome guests and direct them to certain areas within the hotel layout. Examples include directional signs, landmark signs and entrance and exit signs.
  • Hotel room signs – These signs can be simple and elegant while showing guests how to find their room in the hotel.
  • Statutory signs – These signs include safety, warning, hazard and fire signs that keep guests safe. Locating them at strategic points helps hotels comply with regulations for guest safety.
  • Wall art – The rules are out the door with wall art. Environmental graphic design uses different mediums throughout the building to make guests curious about what else they will view in the hotel.

Environmental Graphic Design Services For Hotels

Environmental graphic design services for hotels create a unique experience for hotel guests thanks to its use of multiple materials and mediums for the hotel signs. These signage solutions allow hotels to grab the attention of guests and direct them to areas of interest while providing necessary information such as where to find the check-in desk and meeting room and restaurant locations. Architectural signage solutions provide much needed information to guests while also building a brand and creating a visual showcase that keeps the attention of guests.

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